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Teachers & Staff

It would be impossible to recognize all faculty members that taught in the Wright City R II school district; many have taught at those desks, but many left after a short period.  However, there were some who made a strong commitment to our school district and stayed long term to help shape the future citizens from our alma mater.  It is those which we shall remember.  According to yearbook records, Wright City School, like many rural areas in the early times, was made up of one room schools providing education to generally first through eighth grades.  However, if you read in the history of our school, this changed in 1922 when they started high school for 9th and 10th grades.  Between 1922 and 1929 the school’s superintendent position changed a couple of times and this period saw the school fluctuate between being a second-class school district and a third-class school district.  Today we can only presume as to what “class of school” meant back during these times- it possibly included:  the population of the area, the capabilities for area to support the educational system and how many grades were taught.   But, in 1929 as the district added the 11th and 12th grades; 1930 saw the district move to first-class status.  It must also be stated, during these times there were no school boundaries as we have today.  Wright City’s progressive approach to education also provided education to students from Foristell, Wentzville, parts of what is now O’Fallon, and as far away as New Melle during this early period.  On this page we will post stories of those Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff who made an impact on Wright City students.


Prof Lyndell F. Gooch rev.png
Professor  L.F. Gooch
Frasier Small.jpg
Fraser C. Small
Dr. Maurice Overlander


Louise Clough.jpg
Louise Clough
Shirley Case_edited.jpg
Shirley Case
Donald Jones.jpg
Donald Jones
Rich Lagemann.jpg
Richard Lageman


Ruby Bebermeyer.jpg
Ruby Bebermeyer
Mr. Frazier.png
Frances Frazier
school photo of me.jpg
Diane Dreyer
Sue Wright.JPG

Sue Wright

Support Staff

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